I visited the NASCAR Thunder store at the Valley View mall in Dallas">

I visited the NASCAR Thunder store at the Valley View mall in Dallas, TX. They had something for every fan.

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I visited the NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway at the Galleria in Dallas, TX.

We attended the Innaugural Night Pespi 400!

One of the first things I did upon my move back to Florida was to visit Daytona. When I last lived in Florida (1983) I was a casual race fan. I'd watch the races from Daytona, Talladega and MAYBE a couple of others. Last time I went to Daytona it was to go to the beach. This time, I toured the track first.

The tour of the track was great. Despite knowing the size of the track and the degree of banking, I was still impressed when I got to see it firsthand. I can't wait to go to a Winston Cup race there. We are currently planning to attend the July 1998 race. It will be the first Winston Cup race under the lights at Daytona! Should be a site to see and hear.

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After touring the track, we hit Dayona USA. It is located just outside of turn 4. My brother Danny and I had a great time. They have a dozen Winston Cup vehicles, motorcycles, an extensive historical collection, a movie theatre, and numerous displays. We spent about half a day between the track and Daytona USA. Very Cool! And WELL worth the money!

  Highly recommended!

There a dozen show cars on a mock up of a track. Here I am in front of two of my favorite driver's cars.


One of the demonstrations they have is moving-cut-away vehicle. The body lifts off and the wheels and other pieces move around so you can get a good view of how everything is put together and how it all ties together.


Dale Earnhardt is absolutely our favorite Winston Cup driver. Dave also likes Jeff Gordon while Linda definitely does NOT! In general, we like all of the WC drivers. We feel that NASCAR is the BEST professional sports organization in the world! The teams, owners, drivers, officials and fans all exhibit sportsmanship, family, teamwork, and love for the sport.

Jeff Gordon's Official Home Page

My brother Danny is a die-hard race fan. He has been following NASCAR for many years. His favorite cup drivers are Earnhardt and Gordon as well. One of the local Chevrolet dealers in Lakeland, Florida often has displays of racing vehicles. When they had several Earnhardt show vehicles, Danny had to be there.

Dale's Olympic carDale's Car

They had the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympics car that Dale drove for the Winston Select in 1996 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. In addition to be a racing fan, Dan was one of the owners of the Lakeland International Speedway. Here is driving two of the pace cars. Both were his personal vehicles.

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I visited the NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway at the Galleria in Dallas, TX.

Here I am in the pre-race instruction area before and after my race at the Speedway.

The Speedway has a dozen "cars". Each one has a full scale body painted up like Winston Cup cars.





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