Welcome to the web site of David & Linda Dawley. We live in Tampa, Florida . It is a beautiful area and we are happy here. We have been married since October 30, 1993 and have been together since October 10, 1992. We have no children but we do have two cats, Worf and Tippy. We spoil them like children and they are almost as much work. 

David and Linda Dawley met while working at Page & Addison, P.C. (P&A), a corporate law firm specializing in the private club and resort industry located in Dallas, TX. Dave was working as a Systems Analyst and Linda was working as the Facilities Manager/Accountant.

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David Wayne DawleyDavid Wayne Dawley

Dave grew up in Riverview, Florida. He graduated from East Bay High School in 1980. Dave is currently working as the Vice President, Information Technology Operations at Eagle Asset Management Eagle is a member firm of Raymond James Financial . Dave chose to work at Eagle after working at four other firms as a contractor programmer.

Of Dave's 4 brothers and 3 sisters, his brothers, Dan, Darrin, Dana, Doug, and his sister Doreen are currently online. Visit them anytime.


Dave spent a total of 10 and half years in the military. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY between 1980 and 1982. He then served with various units in the United States Air Force between 1984 and 1992.

For a photographic timeline tour check out Dave's Timeline - Dawley Online!

Dave's resume is available for your perusal.


  My Lovely Wife Linda Kay Dawley Linda Kay Dawley

Linda grew up in Kansas City, Missouri where she lived until 1985. She then moved to Dallas, TX where she worked at various positions at the law firm of Page & Addison, P.C. She has a sister Mary Lou who lives in Odessa, MO, and a daughter Jennifer who lives in Dallas, TX. Linda is currently working as the bookkeeper at the law firm of Uiterwyk & Barnes in Tampa, Florida.


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Worf and Tippy wrestling in the computer room at home.



I have several other pages that are not listed in the menu applet at the top of the page. I created a page of them so you can get access to them. Visit Just Links to see the remaining pages.

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