Objective: I am currently very happy with my job as the Vice President">


Objective: I am currently very happy with my job as the Vice President, Information Technologies Operations at Eagle Asset Management. I am treated well and I LOVE my job. I work with great people at a great company. Best job I ever had, bar none!

I keep my resume here partly out of vanity and partly because I get asked about what type of background I have. This is the most convenient place to do that.



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Summary Education Experience Page & Addison Contract Work Awards



Having worked for more than 16 years on numerous hardware and software platforms, I have developed a large base of experience in solving problems and developing applications. This knowledge allows me to go from system to system with minimum training time and allows me to bring new insight to a project. I become an immediate asset as soon as I am brought onto a project. I am looking for a challenging position where I can bring my considerable talents and experience to bear to solve problems and create solutions in a team oriented environment. I currently own a 133MHz Pentium computer bootable in DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT/AS 3.5, OS/2 Warp, Novell UnixWare 2.01, and Linux to keep current on hardware, software, and operating system trends.


May 1997 to Present: Computer Operations Manager

Eagle Asset Management: 100 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL, 33606, Contract Programmer/Analyst


Duties and Responsibilities:

Performed duties as Computer Operations Manager responsible for all system and database operations.


June 1995 to Present: Independent Computer Contractor

December 1996 to May 1997:

Eagle Asset Management: 100 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL, 33606, Contract Programmer/Analyst


Duties and Responsibilities:

Performed duties as Day Operations Manager.

Reorganized computer room to improve effeciency.

Protoypted World Wide Web site with connections to Informix database in 2 days.

Conducted site survey of all hardware and software in use at Eagle Asset Management.


October 1996 to November 1996:

Romac International, Inc.: 120 West Hyde Park Place, Suite 200, Tampa, FL, 33606, Contract Programmer/Analyst


Duties and Responsibilities:

Worked on numerous Informix program modules. The majority of work was bug fixes on reports or changes/additions to the functionality of existing modules. A few of the programs were new requirements. Worked on a "laundry list" of pending requests.


March 1996 to August 1996: Paging Networks, Inc. (PageNet): 4965 Preston Park Boulevard, Plano, TX, 75093, Contract Programmer/Analyst, MCI Reconciliation Project

Duties and Responsibilities:

Worked as a team member on the PageNet/MCI Database Reconciliation project. Primary responsibility was to convert and import MCI flat data files into PageNet’s Informix database and reconcile differences between the data and do a thorough analysis of the results. Turnaround time for the entire process was dropped from about 10 workdays down to 4 workdays. The majority of work involved writing new code. The reconciled data was then used by the Conversion teams at PageNet and MCI to move to new platforms. The reconciliation data was also used to resolve billing differences, netting PageNet approximately $2 million for services rendered.


Dallas Systems Corporation (DSC):

Three Hillcrest Green, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75248, Senior Systems Engineer


Duties and Responsibilities:

Worked as a troubleshooter on numerous DSC accounts modifying and optimizing numerous Informix programs. Team member on an extensive retrofit project for a DSC account. Project required strong programming, database and scripting skills. Several hundred programs and tables were retrofitted.



September 1992 to June 1995:

Page & Addison, P.C. Attorneys &Counselors: 15770 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75248, Computer Systems Analyst

Duties and Responsibilities:

Co-designed the communications, networking and server configuration used by ClubNet to connect up to 300 simultaneous internet-style (PPP) connections allowing for expansion up to 1600 simultaneous users within the first year of implementation. System included full package of internet world wide web services to include http, nntp, ftp, archie, wais, and telnet clients and servers.

Responsible for all operations and maintenance of the firm's Arix 850 and Arix 825 computer systems, Intel-based personal computers, phone systems, data lines, terminals, printers and fax machines.
Co-developer of the Lodestar Law Office Automation system (an Informix-4GL/SQL based application) designed to completely isolate the end-user from the Unix command prompt.

The application consists of more than 50 modules containing more than 80,000 lines of code. Designed to allow every end-user to perform all functions (data entry, document processing, faxing, expense recovery, Federal Express tracking, docket control, e-mail, calendar, legal research, bulletin board, accounting, printing, phone messages and reports).

Maintain database containing 150 tables tracking 4600 clients, 70,000 files and 320,000+ documents from 1987 to present. Designed new computer room and oversaw computer and telephone systems during firm's move in June 1993 with NO system downtime.

All systems went down on Friday afternoon and were up on Monday morning requiring around-the-clock work to ensure smooth move. The new configuration allowed DP to switch over to the backup machine in half of the time in the event of an outage.

Helped make changes to billing cycle routine that cut the first run time in half and allowed the billing professionals to edit their own time and expense entries directly. This greatly reduced the amount of work required of the firm's accountants and allowed the bills to go out to our clients a couple of days earlier.

Developed a system to allow the firm's License & Permits division to track more than 1,000 permits and licenses more accurately while requiring less time. Estimated time savings is 250 man-hours per year.

3-D Computer Consulting: August 1990 to September 1992: Sole proprietor of a computer consulting firm specializing in managing Data General minicomputers/mainframes, as well as various makes of personal computers and their peripherals.
Developed site management program to maintain all hardware, software, and system configuration information for numerous sites. Developed warehouse inventory system using Cyberscience's CQCS (a fourth generation relational database management system). Provide on-site system management functions for client's Data General mainframes and minicomputers.

United States Air Force

October 1989 to September 1992:

Detachment 42, Sacramento Air Logistics Command, Norton AFB, CA Assistant Systems Manager, Top Secret/SBI required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for the daily operation of the Data General MV10000, MV15000T, MV40000 HA/2 computer systems. Install and maintain data networks and all communications connections between all systems. Diagnose and resolve hardware and software problems.

Critical team member in the installation of $1.5 million in computer hardware and software upgrades without ANY customer downtime. Personal computer monitor responsible for maintaining all aspects of hardware and software management for over two dozen personal computers. Primary point of contact for all personal computer support issues.

October 1985 to October 89: 2111th Communications Squadron, HQ Electronic Security Command (HQ ESC), Kelly AFB, TX - Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC), Telecommunications Training, Top Secret/SBI. Also performed duties as an operator, shift supervisor, NCOIC Methods and Results (M&R) in the HQ ESC Telecommunications Center. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for the development and management of communications-computer training of 120 operations personnel and developed software to automatically track the training status of all personnel.

Automated all functions of the message distribution center, service section, and message filing sections of the TCC greatly reducing paperwork and improving information access. Estimated timesavings to ESC telecommunications centers worldwide is 3900 man-hours per month. The majority of software was written on off-duty time.

April 1984 to October 1985:

6920th Electronic Security Group, Misawa Air Base, Japan

Computer Operations Specialist

Top Secret/SCI required.

Performed duties as a computer operator.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Set-up and operate site-unique Sperry 90/30 (later a 90/40) computer system. Analyze and correct machine stops and malfunctions. Initiated, designed, and implemented task breakdown guides for all programs. Information was shared with San Vito Air Station, Italy to facilitate their upgrade to the 90/40. Received commendation for automating the Alpha Locator Roster for U.S. Naval Security Group Activity on the WANG OIS. Wrote the training package used to train all incoming operations personnel.

Professional Achievements/Awards



Honorable Discharge, US Army, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY (1980-1982)

Letter of Commendation from Commander, US Naval Group Activity, Misawa AB, JA (1984)

Selected as Professional Performer during Management Effectiveness Inspection (1985)

Air Force Achievement Medal (1985)

John Levitow Award (Top Gradute) NCO Preparatory Course (1986)

Member, US Air Force Outstanding Unit (1984/1985/1987)

Selected as Professional Performer during Management Effectiveness Inspection (1988)

James C. Swindell Gold Medal Award - Top Communications expert in the Electronic Security Command Worldwide - 1988

2111th Communications Squadron Non-Commissioned Office of the Year -1988

Air Force Commendation Medal (1990)

Det 42, NCO of the Quarter (1992)

Air Force Commendation Medal [First Oak Leaf] (1992)

Member, Department of Defense Joint Service Meritorious Unit (1992)

Honorable Discharge, US Air Force (1984-1992)



University of South Florida, Waterloo FORTRAN IV, 1979

United States Military Academy, West Point, NY (60+ hours), 1980-82

University of Maryland, Misawa AB Japan campus, BASIC, 1984


Computer Operations Technical School

AOS/VS System User's Class

AOS/VS System Operator's Class

AOS/VS System Manager's Class

Introduction to Data Communications and Networks

Completed all necessary requirements to receive basic Air Force Computer Programming specialty code.


2 years as a Cadet in the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

OJT Trainer Famialiarization Course

NCO Preparatory Course

NCO Leadership Course

AF Supervisory Course

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