A Timeline Look at the childhood of  David W. Dawley

This page is dedicated to my mom, Elizabeth Jean Short and my dad, Pete Short who took good care of us. Without them and their dedication, I would have had nothing (including these pictures). They showed us that hard work and honest living are their own rewards.

 I am who I am because of them. Thank you both for everything.

Here are a few pictures, thoughtfully and lovingly preserved by my mother, of me going from 1964-1980 in the Tampa Bay area of West Central Florida.


Even at this early age, I had military inclinations. Notice the fatigue cap. It will show up in later pictures.

Some of my earliest memories are of the beautiful white beaches in Tampa Bay, specifically  Apollo Beach. Notice the belly sticking out. I would eventually lose it only to get it back (and then some) eventually.

We lived on Cracker Ave off US 41. I do not remember the home or the area, but I do remember a few events that happened here. I remember this fire truck and a black train straddle toy that whistled when .you pushed down on the smokestack.


My oldest sister Doreen and I at Apollo Beach in May of 1965.


Dave, Doreen and Darrin

On the left, is a picture from my fourth birthday in November of 1966. My brother Darrin is barely visible on my left. Instead of the fatigue cap, I now have a fatigue shirt with my name and stripes.

On the right, is a picture of me, Dana, Santa, Darrin and our neighbor Dwayne in December of 1966.We lived in Oakside Trailer Park in Riverview, FL.

This is my family on August 5, 1967. Pictured re my Mom, my sister Doreen, myself, and two of my younger brothers, Darrin and Dana. We are living in Oakside Trailer Park in Riverview, FL.

This is my 5th birthday. My sister Doreen is on the left. The adults and the other kids are neighbors.


My brother Darrin remembers this as the first time he rubbed a balloon on his head and sticking them to a wall. You can see them in the picture. My brother Dana is in the high chair. It is Dana's 2nd Birthday,. This was on the north end of Riverview on US 301.


Mom, Darrin, Dana and me at Apollo Beach.






 We moved to Moody Road around this time. This was the first place where we had the home phone number that my parents continue to have even to this day. We love the lusciousness of the all of vegetation in Florida. One of the downsides of all of the trees is all of the leaves.

Here I am raking leaves at our home on Moody Road in Riverview Florida.

We always got new clothes around Easter every year. We had the typical Easter egg hunt and we always attended church. It is one of our most consistently photographed events which allows me to clearly show time passing.


This is our haul from Christmas of 1971. The yellow Crazy Wheels were one of our favorite toys of all times. You could go nuts spinning and bumping into each other. They were a lot of fun! We played with them on the concrete for the den which we were in the process of adding.

Notice the classic 1971 20-inch buzz bike with the banana seat and the sissy bar. Pieces of this bike we would incorporated into other bikes. We tended to be pretty rough on our bikes.


I was active in Cub Scouts for several years starting in 1971. Here we are on a paddle wheel boat trip on Tampa Bay in July. The woman pictured is Betty Rose Smith who was the den mother for Pack 83.

We are in the back row from left to right: David, Darrin, and Dana.

Lori, David, Darrin, and Dana

Pack 83's Cub Scout float for a Fourth of July parade in Riverview.

We had a Baby-Buggy marathon to raise money for one of our projects. The marathon lasted for 24 hours. The money raised was used to fund our charitable projects.


Dig the crazy clothes! Very 70's. Very Brady Bunch. My youngest sister Denise asks my mom how she could make us where this stuff.

Doreen, David, Darrin, Dana and Doug and our cousins during Easter Weekend


Doreen, David, Darrin, Dana and Doug Easter Weekend

We visited Walt Disney World for the first time in the summer of 1974. This is a classic tourist picture of Doreen, Lori, Dad, Darrin, Dana and me in front Cinderella's Castle.

Danny, Doreen, David, Darrin, Dana and Doug

Here is one of the earliest pictures with 6 of the kids. This is in our home on Moody Road in the den which we had just recently added.






.During Christmas of 1977, we got our first electronic game console. It was a Radio Shack version of Pong. We were styling. We were living in Tropical Acres south of Riverview. My parents still live there.

 This is me on the night of my graduation from East Bay High School on June 2, 1980. On my right was my girlfriend at the time Rose Vitolo



These pictures were taken during my first leave from the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. My youngest sister is standing next to me. I had just turned 18. On the left, I am wearing my Mess Dress Uniform. On the right, I am wearing my Dress Grey Uniform and I was heading off to attend a Christmas party for other Cadets in the area that was hosted at the University Club by Congressman Sam Gibbons.

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