I got a Newton MessagePad 120 on July 17, 1997.

I am very happy with it. I am still learning my way around, but I have to say that I find it very useful after only a few days.

Newton Message Pad 120



I said that after having my Newton only 10 days. It is now March 1998 and now I have had my Newton for eight months. I also purchased the rechargable battery pack, the charger, and a 2MB flash card.

I use it mainly for professional journal keeping and as an ongoing reminder tool. It is never "off". It reminds you of appointments. Hit the button, it is on. Right where you left off.

I even accidentally dropped it on a ceramic tile floor and it survived without a scratch. Try that with a laptop!

The best description I have heard for how useful I find it is this: it's like having an extra brain at the end of your arm.

I only had it for a couple of weeks when a customer came in and asked me for another run of a report I had written for them. I said "No problem" and tried to remember where on the system I had it. It was supposed to be a "onetimer", a quick little something someone needs to get some kind of information. I searched for her name on my Newton and had my answer within 5 seconds. Who knows how long it would have taken it find that one among tens of thousands of files?

Two of my coworkers at Eagle Asset Management have Message Pad 2000s (MP200). Another uses an MP130. Additionally, our parent firm Raymond James Financal is seriously considering purchasing MP2000s for some of their employees.

All I can say is that of all the money that I have spent over the years for computers and electronic organizers this is the most bang for the buck that I have got.

I would have purchased an MP2000 but I did not have the $$$. If you get a chance to get an MP120, buy one. They are down to $250 at ClubPDA and they only have about a 100 left. If you have a shot at an MP130, GRAB IT! If you can afford an MP2000 or MP2100, what are you wating for?!?



I will add links to good sites for information and software packages. I found several sites for good information about the Newton:

Newton Inc (for now)


Stuff I use on my Newton, where I got it and what it does:

  • PDA Direct has a great utility called Outlink that will snychronize your data between your Newton (2.x) to/from Outlook. Initial impressions are favorable. This product definitely helps me keep organized. The support has been excellent.
  • Free Back - Minimize heap use with this simple application list backdrop
  • Note Hopper - Jump to notes faster; by date; first/last note
  • Serial Key - small serial communciations program; allows you to type on Newton from am Mac or PC
  • Set 24 - Automatically sets your time to 24 hour clock after a system reset
  • Set Agenda - Automatically sets your calendar to agenda view after a system reset
  • What Error - More descriptive error messages

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