Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls



Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls



Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

I know he recently retired but MJ is still the King!

What can you say about Michael Jordan? The most famous athlete in the world. His desire to win, his majestic grace in flight, his tongue sticking out (which meant somthing bad for the other team). The League MVP and finals MVP multiple times! An unbelievable talent.


Dennis Rodman

What can you say about Dennis Rodman. I firmly believe that people have the right to do what they want to do. I think he is a good basketball player. Unbelievable rebounder. The shot to the groin of the cameraman, head butting the ref, the tacky foul calls he picks up. The guy is something else.

What can you say? 6 NBA Championships in 8 Years!

Two Threepeats!

Best Wishes to Michael and the rest of the team!

Michael and the Bulls Rule!

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