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Linda Kay Dawley

4903 Forest Brook Place

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I am seeking a full time position as a Facilities Manager or Full Charge Bookkeeper in a challenging, team and goal oriented environment with a firm that has solid growth potential. I am a highly organized and dedicated person who is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Employment History

December 1996 to February 1997 - Olsten Professional Staffing

May 1986 to November 1996 - Page & Addison, P.C. 15770 Dallas Parkway 5th Floor Dallas, TX 75248 (972)735-0555

Positions Held:

May 1991 to November 1996:

Facilities Manager and Accounting

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Opened a satellite office in Austin, TX in 1991; responsible for voice and data cabling; moving two person office to a larger facility to accommodate 16 employees.
  • Expanded office in Dallas in 1992; responsible for voice and data cabling; oversaw the move of the office to the new expansion space.
  • Closed Austin office in 1992; packed facility artwork, library, file room and supplies and moved them to the Dallas location. Oversaw the move of the firm furniture.
  • Moved the Dallas office to a new location in 1993; approximately 60 employees; 23,500 sq. ft to a 13,500 sq. ft facility.
  • Moved approximately 1/2 of the firm out of the facility in June 1996; boxed and inventoried approximately 5,000 files and sent them to the clients and the responsible attorney; responsible for supervising close security due to the situation of a shareholder leaving the firm; went to firm storage units and sorted over 30,000 files, boxed them and sent them to the client or the responsible attorney.

Other Responsibilities include:

Buying all firm equipment Negotiating lease agreements for computer and office equipment Negotiating maintenance agreements for computer and office equipment Maintaining inventory of all firm equipment, furniture, artwork, china & silver Repairing firm computer and office equipment, lights, phone system, HVAC Downsizing three times Firm accounting - All - Full Charge Bookkeeper - managed the firm's money Firm Billing Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Collections Payroll Payroll Taxes Money Management Journal Entries Prepared Monthly Financial Statements Firm Computer Trainer System Administrator 401K Administrator

I performed all accounting functions for the law firm and two other companies (Lodestar Systems, Inc. and Private Networks, Inc.) that Mr. Page, the Senior Partner, owns. Both companies books are maintained using Intuit Quick Books Pro.

March 1989 to November 1996:

Data Processing - System Administrator UNIX system

78 users in 1991 to 6 users as of July 1996.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The main computer is a Sperry/Unisys 850 running UNIX System Release 3 and a DBL accounting system.

  • Change backup tapes daily
  • Add and remove users from the system
  • Kill running processes
  • Change permissions on documents
  • Assist users with hung terminals; printer problems; word processing questions
  • Replace and install terminals and printers

May 1986 to March 1988:

Word Processing and Computer Conversion

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Keyed in over 1,000 firm forms
  • Keyed in all data base information
  • Created firm standards and conformances
  • Performed Word Processing for approximately ten attorneys and eight paralegals

Prior to my employment at Page & Addison, P.C. I lived in Kansas City, Mo. and worked for years as a bookkeeper and secretary .


Murry E. Page

15770 Dallas Parkway 5th Floor

Dallas, TX 75234


Robert N. Whitnell, CPA

2915 LBJ, Suite 135

Dallas, TX 75234


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