QuickTime VR of the Clio

Clever Clio

By David W. Dawley

I wrote this report on my experience using the Clio handheld PC by Vadem  as part of my job as the Computer Operations Manager at Eagle Asset Management . I used the Clio for 10 days between March 12">

QuickTime VR of the Clio

Clever Clio

By David W. Dawley

I wrote this report on my experience using the Clio handheld PC by Vadem  as part of my job as the Computer Operations Manager at Eagle Asset Management . I used the Clio for 10 days between March 12, 1999, to March 21, 1999. These are my observations. I had to write an Evaluation Document which is also available.

I hated to give up the machine at the end of my two weeks of testing.

I will be testing the Vandem Clio.

There web page is http://www.vadem.com/

The User Manual is at:


Initial Impressions - Vadem Clio

Got the Clio today. Sex appeal factor is very high! Everyone without fail thought it was a very nice looking and functional design. Handwriting recognition is decent just messing around. The keyboard is small but is pretty decent all things considered. It took less than 10 minutes to install the synchronization software. It took about 15 minutes to synchronize everything. As soon as I make the connection, everything is synched. Pretty good.

The screen is visible in daylight, but it is yet to be seen how it is under direct sunlight.

Synchronization can be set to continuous. Very nice.

I called Vadem tech support today. I called the number on the web page (408) 467-2100.


Day 12

Today, I was dialed into work with two active telnet sessions with 2 calendar entries open one of which I was editing with the handwriting recognition on battery power. An impressive display of multitasking functionality! Sure beats being chained to my desk! I have had the Clio for 12 days. I have really put it through it's paces. I have to say I am very impressed. It will not sole all of my problems. It helps me keep on top of things, keep connected. It will not do everything a laptop will do, but it was well above the "glorified Palm III" that I was expecting and is not the intetended use of this machine. I would not want to do lot of typing at one stretch on this keyboard. The arrangement if functional, but I expect it would aggravate my carpal tunnel, but again this is not the intent of this machine.

I have put my notes for my ten days of use below:


I called Vadem tech support today. I called the number on the web page (408)467-2100.The polite operator gave me a different number (left it at work). I called about the duplicate address and calendar entries. After placing a few calls, I found a courteous technician who was thorough and had not heard of the problem. He checked a couple of databases including MS and he asked the other technicians at Vadem but could not find a report of a similar problem.

He told me about the recurring calendar problem causing duplicates and I told him I knew of that one but this was different. He opened help ticket #672.

I cleared out all contact and used data from Palm III at home and at work.When I synched up at home, I got several repeated records. Palm III had 132. My home machine had 148. It appears that the problem is with the address that have the email field completed and are on the network at work. It seems that it think they are different.



1430 - got low battery warning on Clio
1445 - started full charge with active synch running
1700 - still charging Clio
2100 - finished charging Clio; recharge time was 6 hours and 15 minutes


There were no duplicates on the the Palm III. In fact, the Palm III did not come into the loop until after I had synched the Clio at home and work and the duplicates were present. Be clearing out all of contacts in Outlook at home and work, the reloading them from the Palm III, I was able to get rid of the duplicates.


l called Vadem tech support to follow up on ticket 672 (duplicate Outlook entries); received email from Maria

I opened help ticket with RJ (346899) because I could not get in with Clio via the RJ RAS; Thomas Chrowder called; he had to reset my login; all is well; I can get in via PC/Anywhere and use IE. Still cannot synch remotely

Clio - remote synch - received message that Clio had connected to my work PC. Locating connection agent. Please wait. (from 1105-1112); then received cannot start communications with the desktop computer. The computer is not available or busy and cannot accept connections.

Called Vadem @ 1115; spoke w/Tina; she said someone would call back
1300 - Gene from Vadem left vmail
1315 - Called Gene; changed WINS server to my PC's IP address. It worked!

Clio - cannot access BWA on jefferson; I expect a DNS problem here. I need to call Vadem on this one.

Tested BSquare fax software - it works
Downloaded and installed telnet software - it works
Viewfinder application is a lot like Outlook today with excellent search capabilities!



Got a low power warning at 0140 on 03/17/1999; supposedly have an hour and 40 minutes left; started charging at 0143 with everything off.
Clio - Battery fully charged by 1000
Ran a full backup via 'Mobile Devices-Handheld PC-Tools-Backup'; took about 20 minutes
Need to test printing
Viewfinder is kind of like "Outlook Today", it allows you to see contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks
Found Vadem at Computers4sure for $868; PC Card VGA $89


After approximately one week, I have to say I find the Clio to be very functional! It is the best combination I have used to date! I can use my PC to do my work and Clio to keeps decent notes. A very big thumbs up! I was telling Sam today that if CA's support was as responsive, polite, forth-coming, cooperative, accurate and inexpensive as Vadem's, I would be a lot a happier. He agreed based on what I had told him of my experiences to date. I would have to say that Vadem's tech support has been one of the best if not best I have experienced!

As I was updating my notes, all Clio references were updated on Clio! Used Clio to go through all of notes. Very cool!

I looked at memory usage on the Clio and I have used 2343KB for storage memory and 2599KB in program memory! Very good numbers here as well!

If someone can tell me that their test machine can do all of this, I would be impressed and I would like to put it through it's (my) paces!


Clio battery has been charging since 1245
Clio - I figured out that I can have auto-on/off just by opening and closing the case.
Cannot synch remotely again; checked settings; it looks right
2145 - got a couple of warnings about low batteries; plugged in Clio; charging while using


Clio is showing 4hours 58 minutes battery time left; it was a light day. I do not know if I mentioned this before, but despite the "time left" meter, when Clio says your batteries are getting low, you need to charge it. It seems to happen around the 1 to 1.5 hour mark.


Vadem Contact Information:

Clio Serial # 852W2101
1960 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95112

Phone:(408) 467-2100
Support:888 GOVADEM
Fax:(408) 467-2199


Customers:  info@vadem.com

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